A'erina Maxhavo

Weaponmaster - Alchemist - Idiot

A'erina's Profile - The Important stuff

Height4' 10"
Weight124 Ponze
Birthday31st Sun of the Second Umbral Moon
Orientation & StatusHeterosexual, currently in a relationship.
Job/ClassWarrior, uses Axes and Greatswords, Can use a variety of different weapons.
CitizenshipFormerly Gyr Abanian, Now resides in the Goblet.
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
Hobbies/SkillsAlchemy, Amazingly stupid, knows how to use a variety weapons.
FaithNo Faith in the Twelve, or anything else for that matter.

A'erina was the fourth born child of A'xhuv, her father and A'rana, her mother, and part of a large family. As part of an A tribe, it is customary for the family to have an A at the beginning of their names. She has three older sisters in A'elana, A'kyra and A'ralia, As well as three younger sisters in A'liana, A'tira and A'uriel, Whom she loves each of them dearly, and speaks to them often. Of course, this was not all pleasant, as A'erina was often told to stay home when her older sisters were out with their father, or told she would have to look after her younger sisters when both parents were busy during the day. It took its toll on her as she grew distant from her parents, feeling like she had been born for the sole purpose of making the rest of her sisters look better in comparison to herself.

She did spend some time with her father, but even then, it seemed forced, like he was told to teach her how to use a bow, or to make an arrow. He would tell her how he was proud of her, that she took after him, but it was all a lie, he didn't care much, he wanted a son and when his fourth child turned out to be another girl, he'd have sooner walked away from family life, A'erina knew this was all just a facade presumably at the request of her mother, and more than likely her aunt, A'tera.

The biggest trial between herself and her family was put to test one day when A'erina had met a midlander named Eluric, who practically swept her off her feet and the two fell in love, much to her fathers disappointment, who was set on her marrying another Miqo'te, and not a Midlander, this created a fairly large rift between A'erina and her father and they haven't spoken to each other in years. Like all things though, A'erina's and Eluric's relationship lasted long enough for him to leave her for a short while, where he ended up in Ishgard where he nearly died and got himself a case of Amnesia, forgetting their 3 years together entirely, and forging a new relationship with his rescuer. This destroyed A'erina, causing her to become reckless and the very thing she had hoped to keep away had began to pop up more frequently as she had no control over herself or her emotions and this has been leading her down a path she did not want to go down.

She often makes Potions and Poisons depending on her mood, She will make potions when she wants to help people out, or poisons if she feels like someone has pissed her off. Using the house she was seemingly left with when her fiance had no clue he owned an establishment, she converted much of it into her own design, and thus the basement has become a laboratory for all manner of things from simple herbs and poultices, to deadly poisons and dangerous drugs. Having almost given up on everything she took to these practices in attempts to forget all that has transpired, although that may come sooner than she thinks if she's not careful.

RP Hooks

  • Training to use what skills she does have.

  • Shady businesses.

  • Getting into complicated predicaments.

  • Controlling her Inner Beast ( She is not the Warrior of Light and has a lot of trouble with this.)

  • Dark/Mature RP provided any injuries aren't lethal, but you're free to destroy her sanity.

  • Hates Garleans, Imperials and Garlemald, and has a strong dislike for Ishgard.

  • Open to a lot of RP in fact, I'll take suggestions and opinions, for sure!

OOC Info

If you've reached this part of the Character page then that means you presumably read some or most of it, so thanks! A'erina is on Coeurl, on the Crystal Data Center. Outside of RP I'm a Dark Knight main, in the Free Company Night's Bane, I'm an officer there and I have no idea how it happened, send help.

The RP Tag means i'm in character, so if you're gonna RP with me, make sure you have it on too or you will be like John Cena to me, Invisible.

I have little experience RPing, so I may not be the best person to RP with, I RPed some in World of Warcraft about 5 years ago, and thats about it. being British doesn't help either, as I'm mostly around during an evening for me, so if the RP is paragraphs of responses, you can expect me to snooze at me keyboard.

I will partake in Discord RP outside of Final Fantasy XIV, just be warned that I can run out of replies due to lack of experience in the RP scene, aswell as barely able to form paragraph responses, but I can do shorter ones, so bear with me as I'm still getting into the swing of it.

I want A'erina to be involved in almost everything, that includes fights, getting drunk, sustaining injuries, losing friends, making friends, making enemies, being jealous, selling drugs, buying drugs you name it, I am down for anything aslong as I'm happy with it.

Finally, to make it clear and to save us both a lot of wasted time, A'erina will not engage in ERP. I've had some pretty weird experiences in the past and I'd rather not repeat that ever again. That doesn't mean I'm ruling out the idea of her being romantically involved with someone, but if it goes to ERP levels then it will be treated as a fade to black situation just like in the movies!

Extra Information

  • space for when something interesting and notworthy pops up!

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